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Here you can choose from 2016's Top Gifts for Boys which will delight your young one on Christmas morning.

Boys Gifts For Christmas

Ben 10 Ultimate Doctor Who Personalize Your Screwdriver Set Disney Cars 2 Bakugan Dragonoid
Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Standard Unit Blocks
Nerf N Strike Barricade RV 10 Dart Blaster Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 Razor A Kick Scooter

Ben 10 Ultimatrix

This is the most authentic looking Ultimatrix ever created. The sound and light effects that are Ultimate Ultimatrixgenerated by the Ben 10 Ultimate Ultimatrix will help inspire Ben 10 fans with hours of imagainative play. Lights vary in Red, Green and White.

The transparent shell allows kids to see inside the Ultimatrix and see all the gadgetry and circuitry inside this hightech gizmo.

Kids can also search for the inbuilt signature that was left by the Ultimatrix's creator; Azmuth.

One of the top picks in Boys Gifts for Christmas this year.

Best Prices at:, or

Dr Who Screwdriver

This is perfect for any Dr Who Fan . Dr Who Screwdriver Combine the sections from the 3 screwdrivers to make over 80 combinations with light and multiple sound effects. This is the ultimate sonic screwdriver set.

If you child is into modifications or just wants an unusual screwdriver this is the one.

The large number of both sounds and shapes will keep your child happily busy for a while.

Recommended for ages: 5 years and up.

Wow, what a change, the batteries are included with this one; 3 LR44 batteries.

Reasonably Priced at:, (plus shipping).

Finn McMissile

"This is a great toy for anyone who is a fan of Cars 2! It shoots missles and has catch phrases from finn mcmisslethe movie too! Great for acting out scenes from the movie or just for creative playtime in general!" Amazon customer review.

This Cars 2 Secret Spy Finn McMissile instantly transforms when you press the hood. These missiles really fire.

When you press the rear bumper the Infra-Green Spy Screen and Rear Missile Launcher are activated. Sound effects and phrases from the movie are activated by pressing the front hood.

A spy's work is never done, so your child will play with this toy over and over.

Recommended ages: 4 to 8 years.

Check it out at:
If you find Amazon is sold out then check the offerings at:

Flexdex Red Light Up LED Transparent 29" Skateboard

The Clear29 LT lighted skateboard looks great both day and night. It provides a high perDragonoid Colossus Bakuganformance ride that both experts and novices will appreciate, add the LED LIGHTS and you've got a one-of-a-kind longboard.

Made from clear polycarbonated for a super smooth ride and incredible light dispersement. Seeing your deck light up at night is something simply magical. It is like hovering on a UFO.

Awsome to shred or cruise on, it's sure to be your favorite lighted longboard.

A highly versatile shape, this longboard can ride anywhere and catches attention everywhere.

Get the Flexdex Online at:

Melissa and Doug Blocks

These wooden blocks provide hours of fun that is quite a change from all the electronic toys Wooden Blocks For Kidsavailable today. Children can find endless ways to exercise their imagination as they improve their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Building with their blocks also helps provide basic lessons on engineering and gravity.

"...The feel of these blocks is great, too. Smooth and pleasant to touch, but with enough texture to make them easy to manipulate for small hands." excerpt from Amazon customer review.

These are the same sturdy wooden blocks that we parents played with as kids. You will be amazed at the different things that your children can come up with to build (and knock down).

If you have more than one child then you may want to consider two sets.

Buy Melissa & Doug Toys at : (Free Shipping) or (Free Shipping)

Nerf Barricade

The Nerf N Strick Barricade RV 10 is a high capacity revolving barrel gun. It has a motorized semi-nerf n-strikeauto blaster with good capacity and fast action. You can fit whistler, suction and dart tag darts in it. It comes with 10 whistler darts.

This sidearm blaster is easy to take along on any mission because of its compact design.

Being quick and reliable it is the one to turn to when you are outnumbered by the enemy.

"This is a great gun it's light-weight, accurate and the rate of fire is great. ..." excerpt from Amazon Review.

Recommended for ages: 6 years and up

Requires 3 "AA" batteries, so don't forget the batteries.

Affordable and can be found at: (Free Shipping), (Plus shipping)

Snap Circuits for Kids

These snap circuits will give your child a hands-on intro to electronics. The kit contains real circuit components(over 60 color coded) that snap together creating working electronic circuits and devices.
snap circuits 300

The Elenco snap circuits kit offers 305 do-it-yourself projects that will help give your child a concrete and entertaining education on how electronics work.

The manual has the projects organized in order of complexity. This way kids can build on their skills as they complete each project.

If you want to introduce your child to the different facets of science then then you will come to appreciate the value of this toy.

Recommended ages: 8 years and up.

From other owners, this one requires reading the instructions first to really learn how to play the game right.

Pick up your Snap Circuits 300 at: (Free Shipping),

Need more or less projects? Here are more choices:

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100
Snap Circuits Pros SC-500
Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750

Razor Kick Scooter

This scooter is for kids who want to get around quickly. Go down the block to your fiends house orscooter for kids get to school instead of walking. It is sturdy, well made and glides smoothly. It is low to the ground and has nice handle bars and grips.

The scooter is easily folded and has a built in brake to slow it down. The aluminum body gives it a great sleek look. Your kids will love it.

Weighs only 6 pounds.

Comes in Green, Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Hello Kitty and Sweet Pea.

Recommended for ages: 5 years and up.

Purchase online at: Shipping), (Ships free to store), (Free Shipping)

A companion product for this one is the Razor Helmet. You might want to see if you think your child might need this addition.

Boys Christmas Presents

Little boys are full of non-stop energy and always want to be playing with something. That might be riding a bike, building block castles, learning how to build electronics or playing with the latest Ben 10 toy.

We hope you found some of the toys you need to keep your little boy entertained and complete his wish list for Christmas. Still need some more ideas? Then go check out the other popular toys here in these catagories: Top Picks, Girls, Pre-School, Teens and of course the Hot and Cool stuff that every kid just has to have. The request list is usually long, go check out the other most wanted gifts of the season.

Have fun with your shopping, after all it is Christmas.

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!

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