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Supersize their stuffed animal collection with a giant plush loveable Melissa & Doug stuffed animal. Choose from a large menagerie which includes dolphins, giraffes, teddy bears, panda, penguin, turtle, big game cat and more.

Melissa and Doug Stuffed Animals

Giant Stuffed Giraffe Panda Bear Stuffed Animal Hugh Teddy Bear Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal
Large Stuffed Penguin
Dolphin stuffed animal Melissa & Doug Stuffed Tiger Dinosaur Stuffed Animals

Melissa & Doug Large Plush Giraffe

Your little one will be all smiles on Christmas morning when they see their hugh plush giraffe. They will want to sit on it, talk to it, carry to bed and just always have it around. Giant Toy GiraffeThey will Wuv their giant Melissa & Doug giant stuffed giraffe. and White.

It is well made, very plush and can withstand a lot of riding and loving. He is covered in plush fur from head to toe; made especially for lots of hugs.

He is so cute and has a face that you and your child will just fall in love with. The colors are exact and this toy is great for a toddler or as an addition to your child's nursery.

Stands 57 inches tall with its coat and spots that very much like the real thing.

Best Prices at: (Free Shipping), (Free Shipping on some) or available).

Giant Stuffed Panda Bear

This cute, realistic Panda Bear will make a lasting impression for your child this Christmas. Melissa & Doug Panda He is two feet tall and ready to hug. Sturdy, doesn't slouch and looks great. effects. Your panda lover that you are getting this gift for may even be in college.

Realistic Looking
Good form

Sheds some

Recommended for ages: 24 months and up.

Reasonably Priced at: (Free Shipping) and

Big Stuffed Bear

This Melissa and Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear will be available for an endless supply of hugs from the little ones in your house. Big Stuffed BearsMomma might even slip in a hug once in awhile herself. Teddy Bear sits over 2 feet tall and is sturdy and soft for lots of cuddling.

You will find that your son or daughter will want to take Teddy to bed with them, sit on him, lay on him to watch TV and just play and talk with Teddy.

He has little rounded ears, a tail and a kind face that make him an enjoyable presence in your home.

Many people have found that this Big Stuffed Bear is loved by more than just children. Girlfriends and others who might live alone find that Teddy is just nice to cuddle with while watching TV. He is cute and he always listens when you want to talk.

Some owners have reported that with time Teddy will shed some of his fur.

Recommended ages: 2 years and up, up, up

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Giant Stuffed Sea Turtle

If your child likes the water then the Melissa and Doug Giant Plush Stuffed Sea Turtle will be just the stuffed animal that they will love. This will be a great way for them to have fun with some sea creatures without getting wet.
Plush Sea Turtle

Lifelike size and looks
Good bed buddy
Reasonably priced
Plush over a flexible wire frame

Some customers turtles have had small tears when they received them of which they just repaired.
Material is not as soft as expected.

Recommended ages: 3 years and up

Get your Sea Turtle at: (Eligible for Free Shipping) or

Stuffed Penguin Toy

Bring the South Pole to your home with this cute, cuddly stuffed Penguin. Hugh Stuffed PenguinThis Melissa and Doug Penguin Plush is lifelike and so cute and cuddly. It is made of quality material and should last for years to come.

This cute little fellow is quite large and can stand on its own.
He stand 23.5 inches tall.

Good for boy or girl and any animal themed nursery.

Your child will enjoy just looking at the Penguin but mostly will love sleeping with it and giving it lots of hugs.

Recommended Ages: 36 months to 7 years. But once again this is one that the teenagers seem to love also.

Buy Melissa & Doug Toys at : (Eligible for Free Shipping) or (Free Shipping on some)

Dolphin Stuffed Animals

This Dolphin is about the size of a big pillow and if your child likes dolphins this may just be the best of the gifts this Christmas. stuffed animal dolphinIt is very lifelike with cute, attractive eyes.

He is very soft and firmly stuffed. If you have more than one child you might as well get one for each. It is that big of a hit.

This oversized plush dolphin has a white belly and soft gray fur. He measures 39 inchesl long.

"....she sleeps with her love and joy every night. " excerpt from Amazon Review.

Recommended for ages: 3 years and up

Affordable and can be found at: (Eligible for Free Shipping),

Stuffed Tiger Toy

This jungle beast will be anything but a beast in your home. It is hugh and lifelike but cuddly and loveable.
Life Size Stuffed Tiger

The head is molded but the rest of the body is quite soft and plush.

Your child will love to lounge on it while watching TV or suggle up to it while sleeping.

Some customers have reported getting this Melissa & Doug Tiger because their school mascot is a Tiger and they can use him in parades and such.

"...My son got this about 2 years ago it has, since that day, been dragged through the house by the ears and tail, been ridden and bitten and chewed on and just used and abused every day. I haven't seen any damage, amazingly the seems are intact, this is truly amazing when it has been dragged by tail and ears and as it has a bit of weight to it, you would expect the seems to go quite soon but no, not at all! It has basically the same shape, color and doesn't even look dirty (allthough it surely is)

I would recommend this to everyone and every age, it will last us for years to come I'm sure.
" excerpt from Amazon Reviews.

If you prefer their is also a Melissa & Doug White Tiger. You might want to check it out also.

Recommended ages: 3 years and up.

Pick up your Plush Tiger at: (Eligible for Free Shipping),

Dinosaur Plush Toy

This prehistoric T-Rex Dinosaur is anything but threating. Dinosaur Stuffed Animals get to school instead of walking. Standing at 38 inches tall he may be taller than your child but he is cuddly, soft and plush.

You will find him being dragged around the house, cuddle and a bedtime companion.

You may have to adjust his legs a little bit from being shipped but he will stand up fine by himself. That is if your child will leave him alone long enough for that.

If your child is into T-Rex toys then this is certainly one to add to their collection.

Recommended for ages: 3 years and up.

Purchase online at: for Free Shipping),

Melissa and Doug Plush Toys

Melissa and Doug Stuffed Animals just bring a priceless expression on their face when they open this present on Christmas morning. They are durable and last for years.

Above we listed some of the most popular ones. However, there are other large stuffed animals that your child might prefer. There is also the Plush Elephant, Stuffed Lion, Zebra, Dragon, various Dogs, loveable Chimpanzee and more. Check out the whole list at or .

Hope you found a stuffed animal here that will make your child's day this Christmas. But if you still need some more ideas to complete your list, then go check out the other popular toys here in these catagories: Top Picks, Girls, Boys, Pre-School, Teens, Ride on Toys and of course the Hot and Cool stuff that every kid just has to have. The request list is usually long, go check out the other most wanted gifts of the season.

Enjoy your shopping expierence, after all it is Christmas.

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!

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