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Below you can select from 2014's Hot and Cool Toys For Christmas. These are are high on kids lists of gifts for Christmas.

Hot and Cool Toys For Christmas

Hexbug Habitat MarioKartWii Advent Calendar for Children Captain America 2011
Game Mindflex
Samsung 22 inch lcd Alphie Phillips Bass Headphones

Hexbug Nano Habitat

The Hexbug Nano will surprise you with how much fun your child will have with it. The Hexbug Nano is a micro-robotic creature that acts like a real bug. Nano Habitat the family. The Habitat set includes 2 rare Nanos and all that you need to make them a happy home.

You get cleverly thought out and well built pieces that connect in many different ways to make a habitat for your nanos. Your child will spend hours changing the nanos little habitat for them.

The nanos look like bugs but they are actually little robots that use the physics of vibration to propel themselves across the surface that they are exploring.

This toy is even fun for the adults to watch.

Recommended for ages: 5 to 15 years

Available Online at:,

You might want to consider adding more nanos (comes with 2) and the Hex Bug Power cells (20 Pack that is cheaper than getting the 2 pack).

Mario Kart 7

The MarioKart 7 will be released December 4, 2011. Latest Mario Game If you have a Mario fan then this new game will delight them by being able to customize their own vehicles with accessories that give them a competitive advantage. For instance they can choose between giant tires for off-road driving or smaller tires for city courses.

The game supports both SpotPass and StreetPass features and they can compete in local wireless matches or online over a broadband Internet connection.

This latest installment brings Mushroom Kingdom racing fun into glorious 3D. Drivers can now explore new competitive kart possibilities, such as plunging to the dephs of the sea or soaring through the skies.

Pre-order at:, or, Purchase at when available.

LEGO 2011 City Advent Calendar

This annual Lego Advent calendar has 24 little compartments each of which contains a different Lego toy for each day leading up to Christmas. All total there are 232 pieces. Each day's toy is simple to assemble. Advent Calendar Game The back of each door has an assembled picture to help out with the assembly.

This years version has a little more of a Christmas theme than years past. There is also a bigger piece this year that takes four days to put together. It is a Police station.

At the end of 24 days everything comes together to make a single scene.

If your family is a Lego fan then everyone will love this calendar and the fun of the daily door opening and building of that day's Lego toy, along with anticipation that it inspires leading up to Christmas.

Check it out at: (Free Shipping)
If you find Amazon is sold out then check the offerings at:

Other LEGO City Advent Calendar items: LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar

Captain America Action Figure

This is a Diamond Select Release; Captain America: The First Advenger. It is base on the likeness of actor Chris Evans from the 2011 blockbuster movie. It has amazing detail. Captain America Figure There are 16 points of articulation and he has lots of cool poses.

You can play with this toy or just admire him as a statue in his different poses.

This one will be a bigger hit than you might think. Stands approx. 7" tall.

Recommended for ages: 14 to 18 years.

Get this Action Figure at:

Mindflex Mind Control Game

If you or your child have ever dreamed of moving objects with the power of your mind, thenMindflex Mind Control Mattel Mindflex Duel Game will help make that dream a reality. The Mindflex Mind Control game combines advanced technology with the power of thought to create and interactive experience like no other.

"I got the Mindflex Dual, cause I was a fan of the first one. The concept is a lot of fun, gives my son another outlet for his ADHD and works great at parties. ..." Excerpt from Amazon Reviews.

This is a great party game also. The dueling mode is where the game really shines. Playing in tournament style ina a mental tug of war using concentration is fantastic.

Get this fun game at : Shipping) or (Free Shipping on some).

Samsung 22 Inch LCD HDTV TV

Have someone on your Christmas list that wants their own personal TV in their own bedroom? Samsung TVThen this Samsung 22 inch TV will fit the bill. It does come in a 26" and 32" model as well.

It also makes a nice computer monitor if you need a larger, sharper monitor.

This monitor is energy-efficient and is housed in Samsung's eye-catching "Touch of Color" design and looks stylish in any room.

"...At home, over-the-air 720p and 1080i content looks great on this set." excerpt from Amazon Customer Review.

You will find it easy to setup and the image to be very crisp and clear. In addition, the sound quality is superior.

This set can be placed on a table top or wall mounted.

"...Whether this is your first HDTV purchase or you are looking for a second set for your home, this Samsung model is a nice surpise and a great choice for the budget-conscious consumer. " excerpt from Amazon Customer Reviews.

Affordable and can be found at: Shipping), or

Alphie Toy

Alphie is really for your pre-schooler. There is so much to learn at that age and Alphie the electronic robot figure makes it fun and engaging.
Playskool Toys

He will introduce your child to math skills, letters, special reasoning, cause and effect and so much more.

Alphie sings and plays music and has light up buttons.

Alphie comes with 30 colorful cards that are used by sliding them into a slot in the front and each card provides different learning opportunities, such as, counting cards, songs to sing along with, etc.

This little Robot is a good lead in to more high tech toys like the Leappad Explorer or even laptop computers, all the while having fun learning what they need to in their age group.

Recommended ages: 3 years and up (according to customer reviews probably not to much up though).

Needs 3 AA batteries which happened to be included also.

Get Your Childs Playskool Alphie at: or (Out of stock online).

Phillips Head Phones

You will find that the sound quality is great, they are lightweight and comfortable and the Bass Head Phonesconstruction is solid and lasting. The pull relief system increases cable dependability.

The reflective neckband stays visible in the dark for safety. The ear cushions improve wearing comfort and the Bass response.

"I have finally discovered the magic of over-the-ear headphones. I had always used cheap earbuds in the past, without really thinking about it. I was blown away by these. The sound quality is just 10x better. The bass is clear, and every different sound is noticeable and no longer blended together in a mush. It was a whole different listening experience, and I'm so happy that I have these now. The volume can also be turned up very high. ..." excerpt from Amazon Customer Review

These are very popular head phones.

Purchase online at:, or

Cool Gifts For Christmas

Hope this gave you some ideas for some of the more popular Hot and Cool Gifts for kids this Christmas. Still have needs for kids on your list? Then check out the neat stuff in these catagories: Top Picks, Kids Games, Boys, Girls, Pre-School and Teens. I'm sure you will find some items there that you can use to stuff those stockings and put under the tree.

Continue your shopping and please have fun!

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!

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