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Below you can pick from 2014's Preschooler Gifts For Christmas that will delight your child on Christmas morning.

Preschool Christmas Ideas

Aurora World Sweet and Softer 12 inches Rocky Raccoon New Fireman Sam Dancing Mickey CMcQueen Power Wheel
Roller Coaster Kid
Radio Flyer Red Wagon The Christmas Elf Batman Batcave Imaginext

Aurora World Sweet and Softer 12 Inches Rocky Raccoon

Your young one will love this toy. This adorable, silky 12 inch Rocky Raccoon is part of the SweetAurora World Sweet and Softner 12 inches Rocky Raccoon and Softer collection by Aurora. Aurora is internationally recognized for quality and design.

Rocky is soft and cuddly and your child won't want to stop snuggling with it.

Great little gift for your pre-school class, your child, a grandchild or even your girlfriend.

Recommended ages: 36 months to 15 years

Best Prices at:,

Fireman Sam Rescue

Your child will love helping Sam with all his rescue efforts attached to this playset. Fireman Sam They can grab the hose and help put out the building fires, save naughty Norman when he get his head trapped in the railings and help Sam get the cat down out of the tree.

All the while being careful of the collapsing roof and floor.

Set include Sam figure, cat figure, Norman figure, railings, tree, ladder, hose reel, fire bucket and cones.

Recommended ages: 3 years and up

Purchase Fireman Sam at:,

Dance Star Mickey

This was the must own toy in 2010 and still is for 2011. If your child loves Mickey Mouse then give them this toy this Christmas.
Dancing Star Mickey

He has six different dances and two interactive games called Freeze and Mickey Says. When he talks and sings his mouth opens and closes in-synch with each word.

One of his dances is a moon walk which is done best on a hard surface. He has little wheels under his feet that helps him glide across the floor.

Your kids will get good exercise while they are grooving with Dance Star Mickey as he sings and dances with them.

Requires 6 "AA" batteries which are included. To conserve on his batteries switch him off when not in use.

Recommended Ages: 18 months - 6 years

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McQueen's Cars

This one is more of an outdoors toy but one that your little tike will love as he races around in his own McQueen Power Wheels talking car. This vehicle features 3 sound modes which include real Cars 2 movie phrases in both English and Spanish.
Lightning McQueen Power Wheel

It has 2 forward speeds to accomodate both beginners and more advanced drivers. It has one reverse speed. The electronic power lock braking system automatically stops the vehicle when your child's foot lifts off the pedal.

To enhance the driving experience your child can enjoy race car sounds while driving.

The Lightning McQueen Power Wheels has a durable red plastic exterior, a rear spoiler, a side-mounted dual exhaust and colorful racing decals.

Be forewarned; the battery requires 18 hours to charge and there is a small amount of assembly. So, plan some time for this ahead of introducing the McQueen Power Wheels to your child.

Recommended for ages: 36 months to 7 years and roomy enough for the older children in this range..

Get the Lightning McQueen at:, and

Up Down Roller Coaster

Take your child to the amusement park right in your own home. Kids Roller CoasterThe track is a full 10 feet long. There are recessed retainers that hold the coaster car until your child is ready to roll.

Two non-slip steps lock securely for easy access from both sides.

The coaster car is fully assembled, has a high back and handrails and foot rests for a secure ride.

You will find that even though your kids will have a lot of fun riding the Up and Down Roller Coaster track they will use their creative juices and roll their other toys down the track or ride the coaster car on the floor. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a little warning for you.

Recommended for ages: 2 years to 5 years

Can be purchased at : (Free Super Saver Shipping), or

Wagon Radio Flyer

Get a smooth, comfortable and safe ride with the sturdy plastic body, front axel with no-tipRadio Flyer Pathfinder turning, easy steering and exclusive Dura-Tred tires of this Radio Flyer Pathfinder.

This red wagon features two seats with seatbelts that fold up and down, four moulded cup holders and an optional storage compartment.

"... It handles very well both pulling and pushing, and takes corners without a hint of tipping. The handle stays upright when you're not moving and doesnt pinch little fingers. The area between the wheels and the wagon is large enough for fingers to pass freely without pinching either. The wheels are quiet, and the cup holders have been a big hit for my three kids. ..." excerpt from Amazon reviews

The handle extends so mommy or daddy don't have to bend over for pulling the wagon.

This will give your kids a different ride than the same old double stroller ride.

It is great and a lot of fun for both boys and girls.

Check the dimensions if you plan to carry it in a vehicle.

Recommended ages: 18 months to 15 years. I would check the size of the wagon to determine if you think your older child could use it.

Affordable and can be found at: Shipping), and (Free Shipping).

The Christmas Elf

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole Pixie-Elf
The Elf on the Shelf Story

This is a fun filled Christmas tradition that the whole family can enjoy.

Santa sends the Elf to watch the children in the days before Christmas. Each night the Elf reports back to Santa and come back to the house in a different spot. Your children will delight at getting up each morning to find out where the Elf returned too. Know that you the parent has to remember to move the Elf each night, which is really kind of fun also.

This children have to name the Elf and they can register him online and then receive a special message from Santa.

This is not only a gift for your own children but it is a wonderful gift for everyone on your list. It is also a good gift for your child to gift to a friend.

This is one you really want to get and share before Christmas and then get out again in early December next year.

Recommended ages: 36 months to 10 years. Ohh... plus Mom and Dad.

Where to find the Elf on the Shelf: and

Batman Batcave Imaginext

This might just turn out to be your son's favorite toy. The Batcave comes with a bunch of gimmicksFisher Price Super Friends such as, a slide out rock panel that reveals a platform with missile launcher, opening side hatch and ramp for the batcycle, elevator that stops on three floors, clear plastic prison cell, a winch and hook, ladders, side stairs and a side entrance on 2nd floor, a bat-bed and much more.

Comes with black and grey Batman, Bat-computer, Bat-cycle, Robin, Robin's staff/hook weapon and 2 Batarangs. The toys are strong and have great detail.

This is something that will get your child's imagination going and they will play with it long after Christmas.

Recommended for ages: 36 months to 7 years.

Purchase online at: Shipping) or

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Hope you found some things that your child will enjoy. If you didn't find everything that you need to complete your Christmas list then check out the other toys here in these catagories: Top Picks, Boys, Girls, Games, Teens and of course the Hot and Cool stuff that every kid just has to have.

Continue your shopping and have fun!

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!

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