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Below you can choose from 2014's Top Kids Games For Christmas to delight your child on Christmas morning.

Kids Games For Christmas

Family Board Game Bananagrams Word Game Angry Birds Connect 4 Launchers
Bop it XT
Monopoly Banking Edition Smashed Potatoes Game Wheres Moshi Playset

Qwirkle Game

This board game is a fantastic, smart game that can be played by the kids as well as the adults inQuirkle Board Game the family. This is a game that will help your child with development of logical thinking skills and strategy development by trying to out think your opponents.

This game consists of wooden tiles with six different shapes and colors. That's it. It is very durable and will survive lots of play. It is lots of fun, easy to play and explain to the players. Yet it is a challenge. It teaches the mind to find similarities and patterns.

This is one of those games that can be played by the elderly or handicapped as well. Many adults enjoy playing this game, even without any kids.

Best Prices at: (Eligible for Free Shipping),

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Bananagrams Word Game
Blokus Classics Game

Bananagrams Word Game

This little game is sooo much fun. Buy Bananagrams It is portable and easy to carry whereever you go. Kids love to play it while waiting in the doctor's or dentist's office, at a resturant, at grandma's, while traveling in the car and at a home or a friend's house. Its little banana like pouch makes it easy to store the tiles and grab and go.

"The best game I've played in a long while . . . whether playing just one other person or five, it's a fast-paced, brain-exercising game that never gets old!" Amazon Review comment.

Many handicapped kids and adults love this game because it puts them on a more even playing field with their friends. And it is so much more fun that just sitting and watching TV all the time with them.

Because of this game's popularity, price and size it is a great Angel Tree Gift, gift for retirement homes, church day cares, etc. You can also let your child give it as a gift to their friends. Good little stocking stuffer as well.

This is a great game for teachers to give to their students as rewards or prizes.

Resonably Priced at: (Elibible for Free Shipping),

If you have lots of players then there is a Double Bananagrams version. In addition, it comes in a Spanish version. Good way to help your child learn Spanish.

It is pretty easy to just pick up and play but if you would like some ideas on different ways to drive yourself Bananas then pick up Bananagrams - The Official Book.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game

This is the physical form of the popular Angry Birds app. The rules are simple and it is easy to explain to younger children. You don't have to know how to read in order to figure things out. Angry Birds the Board Game All the Birds, Pigs, etc. seem very sturdy.

The game follow the same goals as the fun online version: Launch the Angry Birds toward the egg-stealing pigs' wooden castles to destroy them and advance to the next level. You will be able to bring the games action to your living room.

If you don't like for your child to spend so much time playing video games then version of the game will get them back to offline games and it is something the whole family can play.

Check it out at: (Eligible for Free Shipping)
If you find Amazon is sold out then check the offerings at:

Connect 4 Game

This game is incredibly fun and addictive. It is easy to play. One player is yellow and one is red.Connect four The player puts their ring on the little launcher then presses down on it and when they let go it launches the ring into the top or bottom tray. The player that gets 4 of the same colored rings in a row wins.

Both players should launch their rings at the same time and this allow things to get hectic. Rings will be flying all over the place, bouncing off each other and landing on top of the other player's ring taking their spot.

There are 2 boards and you can win by getting four of the same color in a row on either board.

Recommended for ages 5 and up. Players 2 to 4.

Get the Connect 4 at:, and

Bop It XT

This game calls out commands (pull it, bop it, twist it, flick it, spin it, shake it). It's uBop It gamep to the player to do the commands. As the tempo revs up it is up to the player to keep up. Get your play right and you keep going. If you get it wrong then you loose your turn.

If you child is too much of a couch potato then this will be a nice toy to get some movement out of them.

Read through the reviews at Amazon before you buy. Some kids really like this game and then others don't seem to be coordinated enough to find it fun.

Can be purchased at :, or (Out of stock).

Monopoly Electronic Banking

This version of Monopoly combines the best of the classic Monopoly with updated electronic Monopoly Electronic Banking gametransactions.

It has been updated to reflect changes in how the current world uses money by using the Monopoly Electronic Banking card system.

In addition, instead of railroads its airports and instead of utilities its Internet service providers and cell phone services. Properties vary from Times Square to the Texas Stadium.

Staying with a more modern version a player can go to jail for identity theft or lose a Million dollars when a virus infects your computer network.

The big update is the use of electronic banking. Transactions are completed by the banker debiting or crediting each players account as appropriate.

Some players say that this method of payment slows down the game, but isn't that a little bit like real life today also.

Great modern day version of the old classic Monopoly with the same teaching and fun play.

Affordable and can be found at:,

Play Doh Smashed Potatoes

This is a kitchen oriented game but it is not fun for just girls. Boys have fun with it also. Play Doh Games

This race game challenges you to get your spuds to the finish without getting sliced, snipped, cracked into 'chips' or pressed into 'fries'.

Spud pawns are made from PLAY-DOH modeling compound.

Non-stick gameboard makes for easy cleanup.

Recommended ages: 4 years and up.

From other owners, this one requires reading the instructions first to really learn how to play the game right.

Pick up your Play Doh Smashed Potatoes game at: or

Moshi Games

In the Moshi Monsters Where's Moshi playset you need to be the first one to find your opWheres moshiponent's mystery moshling in order to win the game. You are allowed to ask questions in order to eliminate the different characters until you find the one that you want.

These are questions like, does your moshling have wings, a tail or two legs .

Recommended for ages 4 years and up.

Purchase online at:, or


Hope this give you some ideas for some of the more popular games for kids for Christmas. Got the games you want then go check out the other toys here in these catagories: Top Picks, Boys, Girls, Pre-School, Teens and of course the Hot and Cool stuff that every kid just has to have. I'm sure you have requests for more than games so, go check out the other most wanted gifts of the season.

Continue your shopping and have fun!

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!

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